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Realize real-time wireless monitoring function of solar controller and inverter by APP,,simple and convenient to set,, One-key restore the factory settings.Suitable for Andriod system. (it need few seconds to identificate single when you first connect the wifi single by APP)


Use high performance CPU with core M4, Ultra-low power consumption and high speed data processing capability,No need of external power supply


Real-Time monitor the Daily energy/Monthly energy/Total energy and power.

Access Anywhere

Widely Used: RV, camp, street lighting wireless monitoring etc .

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Foshan Top One Power Technology Co.,Ltd. is specializing in manufacturing and marketing high quality new energy products, the main products include inverter, power inverter, solar power inverter, solar controller, pure sine wave inverter, frequency inverter, battery inverter, UPS uninterrupted power , and so on. The performance of the products has reached CE 、IEC and EMC standards..